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Local NewsSat, 17th August 2019


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   Parish Office Holiday Closure    12 August, 2019

The Parish Office will be closed from Tuesday 13th August 2019 until 9.30am Monday 19th August 2019 due to the Clerks holiday.

Emails and phone calls will be periodically checked in this time, however, only urgent emails/calls will be responded to.  All others will be responded to as soon as possible upon the Clerks return.

Bookings for the Village Hall are seperate from the Parish Council and should be made to Judith Neuhofer on 0118 979 0296 or emailed to judith.neuhofer@btinternet.com

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   Arborfield & Barkham Neighbourhood Plan Consultation    8 July, 2019

The Arborfield & Barkham Neighbourhood Plan is now under consultation.  Please visit https://www.wokingham.gov.uk/news-and-consultation/consultation-and-having-your-say/current-consultations/?entryid206=488676 to submit your comments. 


A hard copy of the plan is available to view at the Barkham Parish Council Office or you can view all the documents by visiting the Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan website: https://www.arbarplan.com/html/documents.html.


The consultation runs from Monday the 8th July and ends at 5pm on Monday 19th August.

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The NOTICE OF PUBLIC RIGHTS AND PUBLICATION OF UNAUDITED ANNUAL GOVERNANCE & ACCOUNTABILITY RETURN covering the financial year 2018 - 2019 are available in the Accounts Documents section of this website as 1 PDF document

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   Notice of Uncontested Election    4 April, 2019

Notice of Uncontested Election for Barkham Parish Councillors for the 2nd May Elections

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   BPC's Response to the LPU Consultation    25 February, 2019

Barkham Parish Council submitted their response to the LPU consultation on the 21st February

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   Grant Application Form    6 September, 2018

Groups and orgaisations can request a grant from the Parish Council.

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   Audited Accounts for year ending 31st March 2018    15 August, 2018

The audit of accounts for Barkham Parish Council for the year ended 31st March 2018 has been completed and the accounts have been published.

The Documents are located in the Finance section of the website

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   Wokingham Borough Mayor Cllr John Kaiser launches Roll of Honour Awards    26 July, 2018

Wokingham Borough Mayor Cllr John Kaiser has launched the Roll of Honour Awards to recognise people who make an outstanding contribution to their community

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   Barkham Parish Clean Up Day 2018    25 March, 2018

Barkham Parish Annual Clean Up day will be held on Sunday 25th March.


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   New Parish Clerk    13 January, 2018

The Parish Council is delighted to welcome the new Parish Clerk, Ellen Tims following the retirement of Judith Neuhofer who has served the parish for over 20 years. Ellen is working from the new Parish Office at Arborfield Green. See the full details by clicking +

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   Oakwood Planning Application School Road    27 September, 2017

Please be aware of planning application 172165 at Oakwood View, School Road, Barkham, Wokingham RG41 4TN. This is an Outline planning application to Wokingham Borough Council for residential development of 70 dwellings with access off School Road in Barkham.


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   Neighbourhood Plan News    8 March, 2017

Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan

The two parishes are working together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.



The results of the recent survey have now been analysed and more information is now available on the web page.     

A web site has  been launched which shows additional information, see below 


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   New Arborfield Green Website    29 January, 2017

A new web site has been created for all new residents of Arborfield Green

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   New walks around Barkham annouced    26 January, 2017

Walks around Barkham - two short new walks have been added to the web site.  A circular walk around The Coombes and a linear walk to Rooks Nest Wood

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